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Cool Re: Crosswind Tires: Your Impressions?

Originally Posted by shorod View Post
I've never heard of CrossWind tires. A quick Google search indicates they are Chinese tires. I've heard warnings recently about the recent influx of Chinese tires not living up to safety standards. Apparently sometimes you may get what you pay for.

Thanks, me neither!

I enrolled in a protection plan for my recent car trade purchase, it includes tires, paint, upholstery, etc. The car is ten years old, in fine shape, but according to my local mechanic two of its tires exhibit signs of dry rot, and the front axle has two different models of the same brand! Acc. to them, "as-is" law exempts them from replacing the tires(car is > 7 years old).

Under this plan, they put on only the cheapest tires available: Eldorados, Crosswinds, etc. I do have the option to upgrade, which I will exercise.
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