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Market value for an '01 Panoz Esperante?

My girlfriends father is looking to sell his Panoz as he's run out of room in the car. The specs:

2001 Panoz Esperante
British Racing Green on tan leather
4000-5000 miles
Serial number 17 (17th ever produced)
Single owner car, owned by a friend of Panoz himself
NY AutoShow car (as well as other shows I believe)

It's in immaculate condition- just not getting driven as much as he'd like as he's traveling 4 days a week and living out of the city the others... No reason to let it sit.

He was lowballed by a dealership that he gives very good business to and asked to see what my friends thought he could get.



(if a mod thinks this is an advertisement, check with Igor as he'll vouch for me)
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