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Exclamation R350- Brakes, Hatchback and Seatbelt problems

Just purchased my R350 3 months ago. Really like my car, however,... 3 small problems... My back hatch sometimes sticks...the dealer said the on-board computer showed no problem with the back hatch yet occasionally it still sticks. The brakes have begun to squeal when coming to a stop and just today my seatbelt unlocked as I was driving and went flying over my left shoulder. There was no way I hit it, I wasn't moving around, and both hands were on the wheel... and a passenger in the back seat saw it happen and was as shocked as I was. It had been securely fastened and the "seat belt indicator" was not on .. I had been driving for about 30 minutes before it released suddenly and on it's own. I was not turning but I had taken my foot off the accelerator to slow down a bit. I could not make it happen again after returning home. Has anyone else had such problems?
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