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Re: 2000 Hiace van - Recommended Tire Pressure?

Originally Posted by RidingOnRailz View Post
2000 Toyota Hiace - Recommended Cold Tire Pressure?

Our nephew's, in the Philippines. Diesel, 2.4 or
2 aught, not sure. Driver's B-pillar placard lists
everything but cold tire pressure!

Guess they don't require that in other countries,
and cannot find this BASIC piece of info anywhere
First, every light vehicle sold in the US has to have a vehicle tire placard which lists the original tire size and the specified pressure for that size. It's been that way since the 1970's. I am told this is true worldwide, and while I have seen plenty of examples that it is true, I don't know that for certain.

Please note: After 2008, that placard has to be on the driver's doorframe, but prior to 2008 the location wasn't specified, but typically it was on one of the doors or in a doorframe or in the glove box or on the fuel filler door or in the trunk.

Having said that, Tire Guides says a 2000 Toyota HiAce came with .......
Ah ...... Mmmmm ..... They don't have a listing. Does that mean the vehicle is over 10,000 pound GVW and not subject to the placard law?

So how about you tell us what the tire size is on the truck?
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