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Re: Could a 3 Cylinder Metro be made to run on Ethanol? men will have to beg the Master for electricity - which is made from
burning Coal (mostly). ----- Pollution! The price per gallon will translate into
higher fuel costs for electricity ($$) than it is/was for gasoline!

The Environmentalists, who mentally live several ceturies ago, won't allow the
Congress to allow more Nuclear Plants be built or to drill our own Oil (so we have to pay
Foreign Masters for Oil).

Point is - we MUST have energy for 7 Billion people DEMANDING IT !

Screw global warming - China and India will demand power.
They won't listen to our neat little arguements about the environment! Ha!

Our own people, freezing to death in winter, will demand the fuel or power.

Dying humans won't listen to the reasoning of Environmentalists....they'll kill them.

Neither will starving people.


......then it gets worse....

As the old saying goes

"First you die. Then you go to Hell."

I added this last part....

"Then you burn.....forever."

Given the nature of humans under stress, we ain't seen nothin' yet!


Don't anyone give me that "you are a negative person!" garbage.
We are in for some really bad times - and soon!
Seven Billion folks all "pissed off and bitter" isn't something to scoff at.

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