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Door chimes and nothing else

THis car is driving me nuts! 1990 Grand Marquis, all power options. When i fiddle with the high beams and the heat is on, after fiddling for a bit (or normal use over extended time) car starts shorting out. When it does, no interior lights, no ignition, no starter nothing. Can't even start the car with + to the solonoid. When its like this is won't start for a while, and then all of a sudden it will. Someone said it could be the multifunctionn switch, but wouldn't the car be able to start again? As a new update, if I put my key in, the door chime works, but nothing else..., if I put it too acc, the door chimer sounds like its choking on something. This is of course with the door open. With it shut nothing happens. PLEASE someone help, I can't afford to buy another car
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