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Re: Replacing intake gasket...

Originally Posted by Tryitnow View Post
So, what's the final verdict on the gasket kits? The new Modified GM design, Felpro, Dorman (they even include the bolts and only cost $49.00), the thicker aftermarket ones ($91.00), some other? Which is best and won't re-fail. I'm just about to start this job and feeling apprehensive. Thanks for a great thread of info. -Andy
I have had good luck with gm, they now have the steel inserts in the break area, have new bolts, new oil pump drive seals, and valve cover gaskets if you need, their gray permatex is the best I have found, but it is ALL pricey too.

The felpro had the inserts before gm, they are good gaskets too.

I don't know about dorman, I have not used their intake gaskets, but have used other dorman parts and am satisfied with the product.
I replaced the hole upper intake plenum on a 4.6 mustang engine, they are prone to crack out, they are plastic, and the old design had plastic coolant runners, they now have aluminum, anyway, it was good, had the intake, and the new style mounts for the upper accessories, it was good quality, but I would guess that their parts are foreignif you care, probably felpro too for that matter.

The UTMOST important thing to do is tourqe with the revised specs, the gm gaskets have a papers with em saying to.
Over tourqe on the hardware is why they fail in the first place, it cracks the plastic and it goes from there.
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