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Re: Looking to buy a GTS

I'm very close to finishing a full restoration on my GTS (chassis #60) and should be ready for a shake down the end of March at Sonoma. My car was said to be "race-ready" with current log, bought it over the internet, several phone calls and had it delivered. In reality, it was very very rough and a mechanical disaster. I knew it needed some work but the more I got into it, the more I found. I ended up taking it down to the bare chassis. I didn't want another project but couldn't help myself! Much is new now and I'm excited to get in it again, sweet car.

Good luck with your search Gordon and hope you end up with a well kept GTS. I'll keep an ear out as well!

2006 GTS#60 TT2 / NA1 TTE
Boss JBL / Husqvarna 701sm & 501s
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