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2007 Compass Transmission Problem?

I have a 2007 Compass that has developed an issue with, I think, the transmission.

My father in law normally drives the car and told me today it wouldn't go over about 30mph and struggled to get there. I drove the car and noticed it. I also noticed the check engine light was on. On a lark, I disconnected the battery and took the car for a drive. It drove fine.

We drove it about 8 miles to the store. When we came out and left it was doing it again. I pulled over, disconnected the battery and all was fine again.

I haven't driven it again tonight, but I suspect it will act up again.

Is this a transmission issue or possibly a computer issue?

I also noticed the headlights acting strange. They would not turn off unless I turned the switch on and then back off. That got me to thinking maybe it was the computer.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

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