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Re: 95 3kgt please help

Originally Posted by rottonrattt View Post
I have a 95 3000gt 6g72 non turbo dohc i had the motor replaced three weeks ago water pump,timing belt ,plugs,wires,ecu temp gauge ,coils,top vacuum lines excluding purge container lines, plenum gasket,stepper motor.also took to a shop for a standard diagnostic and they could not find any flaw in the running condition.but i have a slightly rough idle with no lights also when start it when cold it goes to 2500rpms for about 2 minutes before coming down to around 1000rp-800 rpms its a steady idle speed with a sputter .also if driven while cold it act's like it doesn't want to really go almost like it wants to stall or something without doing so!but when hot drive fine little power loss if any just the funny idle!please help!!thax in advance
maybe coolant temp sensor or idle speed motor, do you know if this is a california emissions spec vehicle? If so it will have extra pre-catalytic converters after the exhaust manifolds that sometimes cause problems. Honestly I have had several like that and sometimes its nearly impossible to find the problem, if it runs ok as soon as it warms up just let it run a few minutes before you drive it.
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