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  1. OzzyO
    04-26-2020 09:58 PM
    Sorry Crv my new email addy is, I lost your addy when I lost my email accounts. OzzyO
  2. OzzyO
    04-26-2020 09:56 PM
    Hey crv, I'm back from the dead bud, literally, been sick for 4 years now still recovering. While I was in the hospital a nurse found me non responsive, I had to be revived and was on life support for 3 months, I had a heart attack and a stroke and besides being almost dead I guess you would call it, I almsot died 2 other times while in the hospital also. I'll tell you and the guys all about it if and when we cN HOOKUP. I lost all of my email accounts all emails everything . I had to start from scratch literally. Is there a chat room at automotive forums or was it taken away ? Bye for now OzzyO
    07-06-2017 06:05 PM
    Hello - DoctorBill (Bill Frankart) here.

    Having problems with forum !
    Won't let me edit latest Thread about Tracker Radiator. ? ? ? ?

    What happened to the Chat Room ? Don't know how to get there.

    My '90 Tracker LSI 4x4 shows two different sized radiators on O'Reilly.

    Can't measure 'Bottom Pin Mounts' distance -
    can't get a measuring tape there to measure it.
    DO YOU KNOW which size would be on it ?

  4. spike1269
    01-13-2017 08:54 PM
    Hello Crvett, I know that you were one of the associates that i used to chat with. I think gmtech, bowen, Is that correct? did they do away with the chat? If not, how do you get to it?
    Please let me know when and if you can. I thank you for your time.
    12-14-2016 12:17 AM
    Long time !
    Got a question.
    My son sold his '96 Geo Metro and bought a used Jeep.

    I am left with a set of his snow tires on 13" rims.

    Do you know if those rims would fit on my '93 Metro (The Phoenix) ?

    One of my 12 studded snows is having a separation and is lop sided.

    If I can put my son's metro's 13" rims on, I won't have to find a new/used 12"
    snow tire. Would they fit ? '96 13" Metro rim on a '93 Metro.

    DoctorBill (Bill Frankart in Spokane)
  6. Crvett69
    02-11-2016 12:49 PM
    never tried replacing them in a tracker, not sure how they are held in or if you can get new ones. bummer on your health issues
    02-11-2016 10:46 AM
    Hello again. Been ill - had a heart attack in Dec 1st ! Still alive with a STENT ! I wanted to ask you about Leaf Spring Bushings on my '90 Tracker Lsi.
    When I turn coming out of being parked in my driveway, I hear and feel "Crunchings" and groans from the suspension.
    Could my Leaf Spring Bushings be worn out ? Broken ? Have you ever replaced them in a Tracker ? Would they be tack welded in place.

    I have an 12 ton Hydraulic Press from Harbor Freight and could maybe replace the Bushings.

    What is you feeling about the Bushings ?

    Bill Frankart Spokane, WA
  8. Crvett69
    01-05-2016 12:07 AM
    i will ask bow if he can get new ones or you can chat with him in the room. bummer on the health news. you could go with generic nozzles but they may not point to where you want them to. best to get stocm if you can
    01-04-2016 10:49 PM
    Hello - it has been a while !
    Haven't done much - wife got Cancer, did Chemo - is OK now (?).
    I had a heart attack - lived - taking things easy.
    Want to ask about windshield pissers on my 1990 Tracker LSI.
    Mine are worn out. Squirt in thick stream like an old man with swollen prostate !
    Looked on e-bay - some for sale.
    Ever changed out the nozzles ? Are they special or can I use 'standard' nozzles ?
    Never had to fix windshield washer nozzles before !

    10-09-2015 06:28 PM
    Haven't been here for a couple of weeks because my Computer Crashed.
    I had to buy a NEW hard Drive and then reload Windows.
    Lost ALL of my Usernames and Passwords.
    You had given me your AOL e-mail address....was it ?
    (from memory).

    My '90 Geo Tracker is working nicely now.
    Put in the standard 180 Thermostat.
    Someone had put in a 195 thermostat !

    I wanted to ask you about the suspension.
    Mine creaks and groans when turning sharply or going over uneven terrain
    (my gravel driveway on an incline).
    I am supposing that the noise is due to the attachment points of the
    suspension needing lubrication.
    Any comment on what could be causing the crunch/groan noise ?


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