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  1. danielsatur
    11-17-2012 02:13 PM
    Thanks for Giving 50%
    It's time to get a parts list, because LKQ usually has 50% off day during the holiday,
  2. danielsatur
    10-26-2012 05:45 PM
    Project in progress -
    1987 Porsche 924s /120k miles.
    See AF
  3. danielsatur
    10-04-2012 10:25 AM
    Boil over, lost coolant, and false indication on temp gauage.

    The electric coolant fans can be triggered by -
    1) ECU/PCU - Low/high speed @ certain temps (205F-230F range)
    2) HVAC - On high max cool
    3) Disconnect the ECT to trigger open loop condition.

    Caution - Make sure your Low/High speed coolant fans are working proper, the engine or transmission isn't very forgiving when it comes to heat damage.

    Suspect - fan fuses, fan relays, ECT sensor, coolant fan resistor, or control module.
  4. danielsatur
    09-21-2012 09:54 AM
    Occasionally signal wires do go bad on fuel injectors, Coils, Coil on plugs, spark plug wires, cam sensors, crank sensors, and drive-by-wire systems.

    The RPM's plus heat of the combustion engine will put stress, thus fracture the signal wire.

    Just doing a good visual inspection isn't good enough, troubleshoot like a bad Spark plug wire.


    Single misfires -
    Bad or broken spark plug wire
    Bad or broken fuel injector connector or signal wire.
    Bad or broken COP connector or signal wire.

    Random misfires -
    Bad or broken cam/crank connector or signal wires.

    Limp/fail safe mode -
    No DTC' s ''Lost signal on drive-by-wire system.
  5. danielsatur
    09-21-2012 12:16 AM
    Focus on the problems + solutions not AF members.
  6. danielsatur
    09-19-2012 05:54 PM
    DTC P0300 - Random misfires on Random cylinders.

    Anything missing on a 4-stroke engine can cause random misfires on random cylinders.

    Don't always count on DTC's , Test's, and new parts!

    Security System -
    Air System - Air filter, Dirty throttle body, unmetered air leaks, Air Intake, IAT, MAF, or MAP sensor.

    Fuel system - Bad fuel filter, relay,pump, or regulator.

    Ignition system - ICM, COP's, plug wires, cam sensors, crank sensor, broken connector or signal wires on cam or crank sensors, or a bad ECU/PCU.

    Exhaust system - Plugged catalytic converters.

    Profile the Automobile by <year><make><model><mileage> , and see what routine maintenance might of been forgotten.
    Example - fuel filer, air filter, dirty MAF sensor, or dirty throttle body.
  7. danielsatur
    09-19-2012 05:30 PM
    DTC P0301 - P0308

    Single misfires on signal cylinders -
    Coil on Plug (COP)
    Plug wire
    Fuel injector
    Bad compression
    Broken fuel injector connector or signal wire.
    Broken COP signal wire connector or wire

    Always clean connections with CRC electronic cleaner + use dielectric grease.
  8. danielsatur
    09-11-2012 06:59 PM
    Aftermarket Auto cheat circuits, Fool circuits, bypass circuits, and control modules.

    What do you need done?
    H20 Cheat

    SRS Air bag fool circuits for drivers air bag, passenger side air bag, side air bag, seat air bag, and seat belt pretensioners.

    Headlight bypass control module circuit
    Disable Daytime running lights.
    LED replacement for Fog, tail, turn, break, and dome.
    Aftermarket Headlight lens.

    HVAC -
    Single Climate control valve bypass circuit.
    Dual Climate control valve bypass circuit.
  9. danielsatur
    09-09-2012 03:18 PM
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  10. danielsatur
    09-06-2012 09:30 PM
    Best , DIY Auto scottykilmer channel

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