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We specialize in the production of high-quality Hyundai and Kia various grilles; if you are looking for a high-quality supplier; welcome to consult wechat/telegram:18661218800 facebook:Hui Kole Jam
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Talk about everything about car parts
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David Spelling is an American entrepreneur invested in a new hydrogen-electric motor for the Xalon. Xalon Motors will reportedly sell its cars on the meta-verse using an augmented reality app. Consumers will be able to test drive, I mean test ride an Xalon an expositions around the world. Why test ride and not test drive? By the time Xalon goes into production it is estimated that 60% of transportation vehicles will be self-driving. Thatís not to say there wonít be a test-driving version, of course. The Xalon is scheduled to debut sometime in 2030. It will be the first vehicle that can be refueled by rainwater. Itís special chassis will use a type of solar nano polymer for color and have ducts to filter water through an electrolysis system to extract and make oxygen rich hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen engine will have no moving parts.
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