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Technical and general discussion for all model year Chrysler Corporation minivans.
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01:16 AM
We specialize in the production of high-quality Hyundai and Kia various grilles; if you are looking for a high-quality supplier; welcome to consult wechat/telegram:18661218800 facebook:Hui Kole Jam
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Lolpansi2007GT official automotiveforums chat group
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owners of hyundai santa fe
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12:43 AM
for car suspension repair or update
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02:07 AM
For all of the Automotive Forums users that are proud to be Republican!
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06:14 PM
My 1997 Ford Ranger just plain quit running & left me stranded. It had been running great. The mechanic said the timing belt broke, he replaced it, along with the catalitic converter, when I went to pick it up he said it probably won't make it home, because it also needs a fuel pump. We were in shock , how could this much go wrong all at once? We decided to try to get it home, and put the fuel pump on ourselves. The truck is running terrible, & it backfired 3 times on a 6 mile trip. Could this be the fuel pump or did the man not get the timing set right?
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44 8 106
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