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A General Discussion About Premium Cars...
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My 1997 Ford Ranger just plain quit running & left me stranded. It had been running great. The mechanic said the timing belt broke, he replaced it, along with the catalitic converter, when I went to pick it up he said it probably won't make it home, because it also needs a fuel pump. We were in shock , how could this much go wrong all at once? We decided to try to get it home, and put the fuel pump on ourselves. The truck is running terrible, & it backfired 3 times on a 6 mile trip. Could this be the fuel pump or did the man not get the timing set right?
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I'm having some issues with my mercedes c230 2002 It having steering issues & transmission issues. ..Plz any help plz
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Welcome to Mitsubishi Specific. A group run by a Mitsubishi Master Technician.
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Hi everyone, I love to join with new folks in the world and i want to know there views about the automotive and want to discuss about the automotive services
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Fiberglass questions? Need fiberglass supplies? Need help on selecting the right product? We are here to help.
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Share good photos and talk about cars we own, want, and had... :P
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This group allows domestics and imports. If you can't stand each other then find another group. We are about the automotive world and the growth of it. All way from the streets to the race track. We don't shoot to get in to magazines or get famous. We're here because of you. Your support will only make this bigger.
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