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Conversation Between shorod and CrapaTaurusWrecks
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  1. shorod
    11-29-2021 08:05 AM
    I know what you mean about the older Taurii getting more and more difficult to find. They are especially rare around my area as rust seems to have dissolved most of them after providing their owners with miles upon miles of reliable, and I'm sure at times, frustrating, service.

    I appreciate your offer for the service manual but I suspect you will be able to find someone who can benefit from it more than I can. I still have my factory service manual DVD. My most recent Taurus has also been replaced by a 2013 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost (based on the Taurus SHO).

    Happy Holidays!

  2. CrapaTaurusWrecks
    11-28-2021 11:08 PM
    Hi Rod, Long-time-no-speak! You have helped me so many times in the past. Saved me so much money. I had hoped that I would always have a 3.0 Vulcan Taurus, love the car! Unfortunately they are disappearing. Whilst I do still search for another, it seems unlikely that I will own another.
    Although I may not own another, I still am fond of the car and would like to do whatever I can do to encourage the longevity of the model. I can't think of anyone that has done more for the Taurus community than you. Thank you!
    Long story short, I have a hard bound 1996 Ford Taurus service manual with the SHO insert. If you would like, it I will send it to you. I hope it will be used to prolong others Taurii.
    Let me know if you can put it to good use.

    Your friend,

    Taurus GLenn

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