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Regular Maint. & Tune ups for better upgrades to come.....

03-22-2010, 01:23 AM
OK so I have a 93 Vr-4 that has been benched since the Pa snowfalls.
While its been sitting the Water pump went on me (which I planned on replacing) but also while I'm there i'd figure do it all... cam seals, crank seal, tensioners and pullies for the T-belt, also valve covers, intake gaskets, ang plusg and wires. But with the plugs I know I want nothing but NGK... but what type of NGK and what plugs work best if I'm looking to later as I go do mods?
Oh yea and possibly all the Vac. lines since I have a kit

Also since the brakes are rusty from sitting in the wet and what not I was thinking Brakes and Rotors all the way around and Brake lines? any that work better or perform better then some? I know Brembo is always prefered haha

I know it'll be somewhat costly but it;s all labor free cuz I'' be doing it with a knowledgable family member but it has to be done but any input would be great.


03-22-2010, 10:47 PM
If you're modding I would recommend copper plugs just in case you foul them. They have great spark but they're cheap too. As for the brakes, check the flex lines, if there are any cracks replace them right away. However, if they are original it can't be a bad idea. However, there's a hard line that goes between the flex line and hard lines on the car that you might need to replace as well. They don't like to come off. I suggest soaking them with some PB Blaster. As for rotors just get some blanks from Race Shopper and go with some Porterfield pads. Unless you need more stopping power.

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