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96 neon poor accleration.

03-19-2010, 08:15 PM
It also will bog down during acclerating sometimes not all the time though. Im not a car expert any ideas anyone??

03-20-2010, 07:42 PM
How many miles are on the car, and how long has it been doing this? With high mileage the catalytic converter can be partially clogged, restricting the flow of exhaust gases. I presume it has an automatic transmission, but is it a single over head cam engine, or a twin over head cam engine?
And how long has it been since you got new spark plugs and spark plug wires? If the plugs have been in the engine a lot longer than the last 10,000 miles, they might be misfiring. And spark plug wires dont last forever either.
Is the Check Engine Light coming on? Normally it would light up if there was much misfiring, because the "PCM" (located on the driver's side of the engine compartment, adjacent to the fender) can tell if the engine is misfiring. The Check Engine Light should come on when you start the car, as a bulb check, then go out afterward, if nothing is wrong. If the CEL is coming on, you could get the codes read out using a handheld scanner - some auto parts stores will do this for free. Its possible to get the codes to read out yourself, by blinking out the numbers. I can tell you how to do that - but if the CEL light is working, and isnt coming on, the problem would have to be one that the PCM (powertrain control module) is not able to see.
An air filter that is badly clogged by dust/mud/sand will also affect acceleration. A fuel filter that is clogged will also affect acceleration, though it may get enough fuel to run all right at a steady speed.
It is possible to check the fuel pressure, using the Schrader valve on the fuel rail in front of the engine. If you have someone put a test gauge on it, I think it should read about 39 psi when the engine is idling. If its much lower than that, it could be a bad fuel pressure regulator, or a fuel pump that is dying. (There is a 'sock' on the fuel line inlet inside the fuel tank, and if that gets clogged - it will affect fuel pressure.)
If the timing belt has slipped a tooth, it will have a drastic effect on acceleration, from the valve timing being 'late'. Normally this would set a code in the PCM and turn on the Check Engine Light however.
Is the car using antifreeze? If so it could be a bad head gasket. You would be able to tell that by doing a compression test. When the spark plugs are out of the engine, you can examin them. They should all be the same 'color', a nearly white beige color. If one or two of them are dark - that is a problem that could have several causes.
Good Luck...

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