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Jumper - Timing Diagnostic Plug - "Duty Check Data Link"

03-15-2010, 03:05 AM
I couldn't find any photos or diagrams of this plug we are supposed to jumper !
....so I went outside in the dark and the cold and took a picture of the bugger !


I noted down the colors of the wires and labeled the corresponding slots on the plug in the photo.

The FSM, on page 1-006, in the upper left hand corner, says to jumper the D (Black) to the E (Purple/Green) connectors
when timing the engine with a TIMING LIGHT. - - - - > A bent paper clip ought to do the trick...


So here it is for all posterity !

Maybe - print this out and tape it into that damned Chilton Manual that references it,
but doesn't show a diagram of it !



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