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3rd Annual GeoPalooza July 24th-25th 2010

Johnny Mullet
03-08-2010, 10:19 PM
The 3rd Annual GeoPalooza Geo Metro/Suzuki Swift meet is taking place on July 24TH and July 25th 2010 and will be held here...........

Wildwood Acres Family Campground
6091 Marvin Rd
Andover, OH 44003
(440) 293-6838
Open Weekdays 9am-5pm

If you are camping, please call and make your reservations now! You will need to send payment via snail mail by check or money order only after calling. They have no website or online transaction abilities. You need to rent a spot for 2 nights (Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24TH) and 2 cars and a family of 4 is allowed per spot. People traveling together can arrange this. Rates posted below.

Primitive Site - $23.00 per night
With Water & Electric - $25.00 per night

If you are just visiting, you have to pay a visitor's fee of $4.00 per adult to enter, but this gives you access to all the park activities including the swimming pool, fishing pond, game room, etc. No reservations needed for visitors.

The campground is right across the street from the Andover Drive-In theater. We will be going to the Drive-In theater on Saturday Night. Last year it was $6.00 per person to get into the Drive-In for 2 movies. Should be the same this year. During the day, the Drive-In hosts a lot of Flea Market vendors and there is all kinds of different things there. Here is a map of the campground and I have our area marked on the map. When calling to make your reservations, please specify lot# you want (292 thru 298) or if you want one of the un-numbered electric spots located around the pavilion we can use.

If you are needing a Hotel, then there are a couple of choices close-by.........

Green Acres Motel - State Route 7. Kinsman, Ohio 44428 (330)876-4501

Days Inn - 600 Days Boulevard, Conneaut, Ohio 44030 (440)593-6000

Hope to see you all there! 17 spots should be enough for our campers, but if not, they can rent out other sites if needed. Please travel safely and try to arrange a convoy with other members since it's safer to travel with other people when traveling long distances.

This will be the largest Geo Metro Meet ever!

Johnny Mullet
06-22-2010, 07:46 AM
Bumping this in case people want to go.

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