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Transmission Prob... Cruise light Blinking ...

03-07-2010, 09:59 PM
Recently my transmission been acting weird. I have notice that when I turn the engine on the cruise control light that is suppose to go off after 2 seconds blinks 16 times. When I first put the car on D the transmission shift nice and smooth but when it goes up to third gear it doesn't switch back to first and stays stuck on third... There are days when the Transmission works fine with no problems at all and the cruise light goes off as it suppose to without blinking. I though about changing the oil since it is a little dark but I'm afraid it will just do more damage than help since some people say that when the Transmission is acting up is best just to leave it as is and save for a new one. The only thing that I find weird is that the transmission some times works perfectly and the gears have never slipped nor grinds when it shifts the only thing is that it stays stuck on third but when I turn the car off and most of the time the transmission works for a few minutes and then gets stuck on third again. Any Information will be gladly appreciated. thank you for your time.

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