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Clutch Issues and Transmission Options?

01-15-2010, 09:28 PM
Currently running a Zoom Stage 1 clutch. Started having issues several months ago and now here are my symptoms:

- Noise coming from tranmission/cluch area that sounds like metal grinding after starting car in neutral. At first the noise would only happen after releasing clutch pedal in neutral but now I can hear the noise regardless of clutch pedal being pushed in or not. After taking off I can hear the noise while in gear as well.

- I'm able to shift into gear about half the time. The half of the time I can't, I leave the car in neutral, pump the pedal once or twice, and then try to shift again and sometimes that works and it will slide into gear without issue. Gear choice does not matter when this happens, it could be any gear.

- Clutch pedal has almost no life to it. By this I mean there is little feedback when pushing the pedal in. I have checked the fluid and added a little, but that has made no difference. I've noticed it seems the engage point has moved quite a bit closer to the floor.

Given the shitty warranty on Zoom clutches, my mechanic feels bad and is willing to give me free labor on getting a new one put in if that is what I need, I just need to buy a new clutch.

My questions:

1. Are these the symptoms of a defeated clutch or something else in the drivetrain? The clutch has probably 5,000 miles on it and performed great up until the above symptoms.

2. What brand/type of clutch would people recommend? I don't plan on doing much modifying or power increases...I'm happy enough just replacing failing parts on this beast with new ones and keeping it going.

I would also like to add that 1st and 2nd gear syncros are pretty shot but still performed well enough after the car was good and warm. I have discussed rebuilding the transmission but my mechanic is unsure if parts are available for the Getrag anymore...he has rebuilt a few in the past but he said even then parts were a pain to find. After a search I looked up Jack's Transmissions and found this kit:


Has anybody tried this kit or has feedback on it? Anybody know of another place that sells parts?

01-16-2010, 03:20 AM
Either your master or slave is going bad, or you have air in the lines and need to bleed it. You likely need to adjust the clutch pedal too.

01-21-2010, 07:00 PM
Ok, had and am having similar issues with mine. The grinding noise turned into 5th gear and reverse popping out when driving to not being able to hit either. Bad synchronizers. A new clutch ( according to the guy I bought it from, ) started slipping at around 5K miles.That was caused by a bad seal at the front of the transmission that was letting fluid into the clutch housing causing it to slip and may have let the tranny fluid get low enough to mess up the 5th gear syncros..It was a pain finding those tranny parts.
My loose clutch pedal was ,and still is, a leak in the clutch master cylinder. I found it when I looked under the dash and seen a very small leak on the inside of the firewall. Dont have the time or money to fix that.

02-25-2010, 05:50 PM
Alright so I'm going to get the clutch issue sorted out in the next week or two. I probably have both a bad master cylinder and air in the lines, and the noise is most likely a bearing that took a shit. Replacing the master and bleeding the lines will tell me if my issue was fluid or internal clutch correct?

Where the hell can we get parts for the transmission nowadays and how do I know if I have a single piece design or multi-piece design 2nd gear synchro ring?

Anybody with feedback on the Jack's transmission link I posted earlier? Have a better kit you can recommend?

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