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99 neon with no spark

01-03-2010, 09:58 PM
I really hope someone can help! this car was running fine then just stoped and wouldnt restart. i have checked the timing belt and it was fine. there is a code of 42 with the key dance. the asd relay is good, as are all the fuses. i have continuos power at the coil but thats it. i do have fuel pressurer at the rail. i dont seem to have any powere on any wires to the camshaft sensor. all wireing seems to be good. any help would be much appreciated

01-06-2010, 12:29 PM

The output voltage of a properly operating camshaft position sensor (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/92093625/100410262/100410269/56192321) or crankshaft position sensor switches from high (5.0 volts ) to low (0.3 volts )

Crankshaft Position Sensor http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOB0%7EP3R0H%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/92093625/100410262/100410269/34857164/34857175/78286562/78286563
The crankshaft position sensor mounts to the engine block behind the generator, just above the oil filter.
Notes (javascript:notesWindow('http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR~V145587446~C32894~R0~OF34~P4R0H~N/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/56192321/56192334/78284234')) http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOB0%7EP4R0H%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/56192321/56192334/78284234

NOTE: Coil one fires cylinders 1 and 4, coil two fires cylinders 2 and 3. Each coil tower is labeled with the number of the corresponding cylinder.

Remove the ignition cables (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/58828690) and measure the resistance of the cables. Resistance must be between ranges shown in chart in specification. Replace any cable not within tolerance.
Disconnect the electrical connector from the coil pack.

Terminal Identification http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOB0%7EP3R0H%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/34859819/34859826/141274358/78404706/78404707

Measure the primary resistance of each coil. At the coil, connect an ohmmeter between the B+ pin and the pin corresponding to the cylinders in question. Resistance on the primary side of each coil should be 0.45 - 0.65 ohm . Replace the coil if resistance is not within tolerance.

Checking Ignition Coil Secondary Resistance http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOB0%7EP3R0H%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/34859819/34859826/141274358/78404706/78404708

Remove ignition cables (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/58828690) from the secondary towers of the coil. Measure the secondary resistance of the coil between the towers of each individual coil. Secondary resistance should be 11,000 to 14,000 ohms . Replace the coil if resistance is not within tolerance.

http://www.motoralldata.com/images/blnk_spc.gif 2010 ALLDATA LLC. All rights reserved. Terms of Use (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC32894%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/70910848/71538142/78218962/78218977/34853741/34857029/34859584/34859819/34859826/141274358#foot)

maybe some of this will help , its not likely to be the cam sensor it would still have spark with a bad cam sensor

01-06-2010, 12:34 PM
thank you very much. i have done more checking and found that i dont have any voltage to the crnk sonsor and if i checked right i dont have a signal out of the computer. Im thinking its possibly the computer

01-09-2010, 05:00 PM
yep sounds like an ecu to me

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