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The Marauder was a Failure from the get go because

12-25-2009, 08:26 PM
The Marauder was a Failure from the get go because large used cars Romped on it!

Did the Marauder have any competition in the market of American cars no it was all alone and only for 2 years 1 less than the Impala SS. In 2005 Chrysler’s 300/Magnum then Charger came out with stout HEMI’s that would blow the MM away for good. In my opinion FOMOCO did what was right for them and stopped production of the MM and also because of its declining sales. In 03-04 these cars went for over 30k and today they are harder to come by and all go for over 10k with about 100k on them. That’s shows I could care even less for them because its rarity is its only true value. If you were looking for a full size performance sedan with RWD this isn’t a smart choice because they are more affordable Alternative used makes and models with extra scoot and luxuries. If it’s not a record breaker no one will care and the car will go unnoticed. Most of these cars have 5 speed autos which helps their smaller engines get the power down better the Chevy is underrated and it’s a good thing because corvettes get much more power than the specs say for impala.

88-94 Bmw 750iL 296hp@5200rpm 332tq@4100rpm 0-60 6.5 1/4mile 14.8@98 (14.8@98) 91up are slower with taller diff ratios
95-01 Bmw 740i/L 282hp@5400rpm 310tq@3900rpm 99up324tq@3700rpm 0-60 5.9-6.8 1/4mile 14.6-15.3@95 750iL 322-326hp@5000 (322-326hp@5000) 361tq@3900 0-60 6.1-6.6 1/4mile 14.5-7@98 (14.5-7@98) 1995 model is for 750iL only the old 740 V8 4.0 was slow
94-96 Chevy Impala SS/9C1 260hp@5000rpm 330tq@3200-2400rpm 0-60 6.5-7.0 14.8-15.3@93 (14.8-15.3@93) It’s 5.7 with early torque gets the jump even with a tall 3.08 axle ratio and 4speed auto
98-00 Lexus LS400 290hp@6000rpm 300tq@4000rpm 0-60 6.3 1/4mile 14.8@97
93-up Mercedes S500/S600 326hp@5700rpm 354tq@3900rpm, S600 has V12 389-408hp and 420-428tq. 0-60 1/4mile
03-04 Mercury Marauder 302hp@5750rpm 318tq@4250rpm 0-60 6.9-7.5 1/4mile 15.4@91 (15.4@91) 4speed auto only if it had a 5speed auto it could have performed better, Alloy block want iron for boost can P71 block bolt up? It was limited to a sorry 117mph thanks to using cheap driveshafts. Impalas SS did 142mph
04-up Ford CVPI P71 250hp@5000rpm 297tq@4000rpm 0-60 7.8 1/4mile 15.9@88 people say these come close to the Impala SS/9C1 good choice if you looking for something newer and updated the 06 and up has 17inch wheels, new steering wheel, Speedometer with Tachometer/Digital odometer/Hour meter/Volt meter and Oil pressure gauges are gone, 3.55 axle ratio returns (now optional again since 01) and maybe some more things

If they are any other large RWD cars missing from the list that you would actually buy feel free to mention them and must be faster than the MM before year 2004

12-26-2009, 12:00 AM
Lies. It is a fantastic car. If you don't like them, awesome - one more for me to buy in the future. They run 11-12 seconds naturally aspirated. I've seen one on Pass Time with a blower run just over 9 seconds. Pretty good for a four door sedan. Take a stock Hemi 300 or Charger, add the same amount of money in mods as used on the Marauder, and I would be willing to stake quite a bit of money that the Marauder would be faster.

Besides that fact, I prefer the interior and exterior design on the Marauder over that of all GM vehicles. The BMWs are likely superior in performance, but also cost much more and retain their value longer so will always be more expensive. Give me a tried-and-true panther platform with great visibility all around and I'm a happy camper.

12-26-2009, 03:10 PM
When viewed in the consumer product marketing context, the MM was a marketplace success.
The MM was, in marketing terms a "line extension". This occurs when a company takes a product design that is well-established and 'mature', and tweaks its features and benefits to appeal to a different buyer, in order to increase sales and extend the product's life span.

The MM was cheap to develop, and make. The Panther design is old and well established. Most of the special MM mechanical parts were borrowed from other product lines. So, with some upgraded trim, and fancy gauges, you extend the Panther sales and appeal to a buyer who probably would not buy a Marquis or Crown Vic.

IMO they didn't have to sell many of them, or for very long, for the MM project to be successful and profitable.

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