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clutch ajustment in 95 neon

12-19-2009, 06:13 PM
im not sure if there is ajustment or not on a 95 neon 5spd but if there is where is it and how do i do it if anyone knows that would be great thanks

12-20-2009, 03:02 PM
straight from all data

The manual transaxle clutch (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC19888%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/41746505/56417021/56417022/56417023/34853741/34860071/34860072/56222273) release system has a unique self-adjusting mechanism to compensate for clutch disc (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC19888%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/41746505/56417021/56417022/56417023/34853741/34860071/34860772/34860816) wear. This adjuster mechanism is located within the clutch cable assembly. The preload spring maintains tension on the cable. This tension keeps the clutch release bearing (http://www.motoralldata.com/alldata/MOTOR%7EV145587446%7EC19888%7ER0%7EOD%7EN/0/41746505/56417021/56417022/56417023/34853741/34860071/34860772/34860995) continuously loaded against the fingers of the clutch cover assembly.

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