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05 ascender problems

12-09-2009, 11:19 AM
1st-i have an 05 7psg. i am the 2nd owner. the previous owners installed a tv in the 2nd row. there are 2 led lights that stay on all the time. i can only get them to turn off if i turn on the dome light and then turn it off. then they go off but come back on later. any ideas why? and how can i fix it?
second....if it sets for more than a day the battery is completely dead and i have to hook the battery up and charge it. it also wants to stall out and die sometimes as im pulling into a parking stall or setting at a stop light. it will start back up. (new battery, cleaned the posts, checked the alternator)
and 3rd..it makes this winding sound. its loud. you can hear me coming from a mile away it seems.
ive taken it in and had 3 different people look at it and get 3 different answers. 1-tranny going out. 2-bearings in alternator going out. 3-nothings wrong

05-08-2010, 10:50 AM
The battery problem is obviously something is putting parasitic drain on the battery . I would at first suspect that device that you say you are having problems with the leds. The whining sound is most likely a bad idler pully , very common problem on all Trailblazers, Envoys, Ascenders etc... A cheap fix to have that replaced .

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