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any suggestions? this will take a genius!!

11-26-2009, 03:22 PM
Well after checking every sensors' voltage I decide to swap out the crankshaft position sensor to attempt to fix my run 15 mins. and die problem on my 95 neon. After buying the new one I realize the plug is different. no problem, I'll swap out the plug too. I jack the car up, spend 2 hrs. removing the bolt which someone had previously rounded off for me. no problem. I got the bolt.:grinyes:.Next I reach up with a pair of pliers to pull it out of the block and the S.O.B. snaps off flush with the block.:crying: If I push in the piece falls into the crankcase and I'm screwed. Any suggestions before I roll this #$@*^# $!*&%# off a cliff?

11-27-2009, 11:47 AM
Just thought I'd post that I GOT THAT BASTARD OUT!!!!:grinyes::grinyes::grinyes: (actually did a victory dance!) After consulting with a chrysler tech online last night he informed me that the hole where the broken off part of the sensor is is blocked by a round lobe on the crank. It wasnt easy but with a dremel tool I drilled a small hole in the material in the core of the piece and threaded a tiny sheet metal screw into it and used it as a pry point. The S.O.B. popped right out!:iceslolan:iceslolan:iceslolan I own an old 1970 Dodge Charger and have NEVER had as much B.S. involved in working on it. EVERYTHING on this neon is a HUGE pain in the ass. Like working on a toy made in China...Chrysler (and every other mfr.) DO NOT WANT CONSUMERS TO BE ABLE TO REPAIR THIER OWN CARS!! Sooo much overkill on the engineering..I see how you guys know your neons inside out! You need to! Goin out to switch out the plug and install the new sensor..What next?

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