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Fix or Forget

11-16-2009, 08:10 AM
My 93 Metro has reached 245,000 miles. So far it is running OK. I have a series of issues and I wonder if I should give up on the old girl?

Needs 4 tires to pass inspection
struts shot
Needs clutch (original still in)
5 speed grabs in 2nd gear
And engine rebuild can not be too far away with 245k miles.

What do you think is it worth doing all this work or should I say I got my monies worth out of the ol girl and let her rest in pieces at the salvage yard?

Johnny Mullet
11-16-2009, 12:17 PM
Well, I say if you fix all the issues yourself for less than $1000.00 or 2 car payments, you will get another 250K out of it. You will also save big bucks in fuel mileage especially when it's running right.

P.S. - You should never junk a southern rust free Metro!

11-16-2009, 07:22 PM
what do you mean grabs in 2nd gear?

11-17-2009, 03:50 AM
For the past 100k miles the transmission will not downshift into second without a gear grind. So tranny has to be replaced too.

12-15-2009, 06:00 PM
First try clutch adjust. You cant really tell if tranny has to be replaced if clutch isnt working right.

All this depends on what work you are doing yourself. I replaced my engine with a gauranteed under 30k JDM for about $550 after shipping. The clutch assembly could be done at the same time for about $150 depending on where you live.

If your using the 12 inch tire they are pretty reasonable. My 13's cost me about $63 each with shipping ($53+10 ea).

Struts on the front are probably gonna run you 6-70 ea, an not many people change them themselves because they must be compressed. I do my own cause I know a few tricks. But a shope will likely charge you 300-350 for the front alone.

Really you should get estimates one parts you will replce yourself, and parts+labor you would have done by a reputable shop before you consider ANYTHING.

All that said a 93 (or 94 in my case) only blue books for around $1000 in 'Good' condition. That doenst mean crap about your car. Consider the interior, the body, and the overall condition of the vehicle. Has it been ragged out? Has it had multiple collisions? Many non-professional repairs?

Here is my example: I got a 94 with bad #3 cyl for $25 (haul it away) Records reveal it had been rental car, but no signs of abuse (thats really important). Only bad things were: engine (of course), holes in carpet where floor mats hadnt been replaced, and slight fading on the back of the car where it had been sitting.

I dropped an engine in for $325+200 shipping. tune up for about $75, and for about $625 had a good running car I didnt have to put substantial money into for about three years. That was in 05, prices have risen dramatically since the. A alternator belt was $3.50 then, now $10.99.

Bottom line if you do all the work yourself, and shop around for the parts, you might slim by. If you are going to get a shop to do any of the work, your better off selling the car while its still running.

Sorry, I love my goe, but I'm a realist aswell. good luck.

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