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2007 Sonata

11-15-2009, 10:49 PM
The vehicle begins to shudder about 15 minutes after reaching highway speed (80KPH). This problem is intermittent. The tech was in the vehicle when we managed to incur the problem. At first the transmission was suspect but when it was shifted to neutral the shudder persited.

Wheels were balanced, brakes cleaned and adjusted, suspension checked to the tune 0f $300.00. The problem still occurs. Extra acelerator pressure is required to maintain speed. Once I stop the vehicle the problems ceases. Frequently it will reacur during the same trip. I stopped and checked the brakes the last time and they were extremely hot.

The shudder feels like the brakes are coming on. The ABS light does not come on. It is if the ABS is engaging while driving.

Has anyone had the same experience? The dealer is unable or unwilling to arrive at a solution.

02-11-2010, 10:00 AM
That's a tough situation. If the brakes are extremely hot and have not just been used heavily it certainly seems to be a brake issue. I think these cars have a somewhat common problem of the rear brake pads sticking.

You might want to take it to a different dealer if possible. If you are having to pay for the work anyway you could go anywhere you want but I expect you are hoping it is covered under warranty. It might be but you will have to be persistent. If they are having trouble figuring it out they have company resources they can utilize.

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