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When should I buy this '10 Honda Accord Cpe, or a 08 used one?

10-27-2009, 08:20 PM
Hi. Right now is a very bad time to buy a honda accord coupe LX-S, since all the 09 models are gone (except for the ones that with shitty color or manual transmission), and the 10 models just came out. So the price of 10 models is really high at this point. So when should I buy the 10 model? late Nov or late Dec? I checked online, and there is no any cash rebate or incentives for the 10 Accord.
Since the 08, 09 and 10 models are almost the same, so I don't mind getting a used car for a much lower price. But the thing is, it's very difficult to get a used car loan. Most of banks don't do it, or they have strict requirements.
My friends could get a 09 Accord Coupe LX-S in August and Sep for $22,300 out the door. So my budget is only around $22,300 as well. But currently the sales all are selling the 10 models for $24,500 out the door.
So any suggestions? When is the best time?
Thanks a lot.

PS: its hard to apply for auto loan for used cars. The lowest rate I have found was offered by Omni Bank ( 5.5%, no income or credit score requirement), but they only do new car loans. I figure the rate offered by dealerships is always pretty high, like 10%. ( I am still a college student, so probably do not have a good credit score. I am pretty sure my dad does not have a good score either)

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