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08-14-2009, 02:57 PM
I was just wondering what would be some cheap trick to get a little more out of the motor and or car thanks guys.:)

08-15-2009, 01:08 PM
there not called tricks. there called mods(modifications)

dont know what motor you have but 70 pecent or so of neons are sohc so..

What is a basic plan for increasing SOHC performance?

The SOHC has the reputation of being the DOHC's 'little brother'. However, due to some under-reporting of the SOHC's power figures, and some over-reporting of the DOHC's, the difference is not as huge as it might seem. Contrary to some opinions, the first step in upgrading a SOHC is not "sell it and buy a DOHC".

Below is a 10-step program for getting more performance out of your single overhead cam engine:

1 Remove the black weatherstripping from the back edge of the hood. This adds 1hp and is the most cost-effective mod, since it's free. Approximately 10-15 degrees cooler underhood temperature means more power, too. One consideration: with the seal removed, an underhood leak can spray coolant steam over the windshield, causing visibility problems.

2 Muffler. Replacing the restrictive, one-outlet muffler with something that flows better will add 3 to 4hp. Once you have upgraded the muffler, exhaust is no longer the bottleneck in the SOHC engine.

3 Plugs and wires. Replace the stock Champion plugs every 10-20,000 miles. Fresh cheap plugs do much more for the Neon than expensive ones.

4 Cold air intake. Installing a CAI ($100-300) replaces the stock airbox and the restrictive snorkel. Horsepower increase varies by manufacturer and installation, but is typically between 4hp and 8hp across the middle and upper band.

5 Throttle body. For an MTX car, install the throttle body from an ATX car ($35-75, get it from a junkyard). This modification is only effective in conjunction with a cold air intake. Over-bored TBs are also available, larger than the ATX throttle body. This step is not a critical option.

6 Cam/cam gears. Replace the '96 and later cam with the original '95 SOHC spec. This cam ($140) adds about 4hp; it is available as either an over-the-counter part, or as a Mopar Performance piece. MP also offers an even hotter cam, adding about 6hp; however, idle quality will be noticeably affected. If replacing the cam, use MP valve springs as well. This package is labor-intensive and can be expensive to install.

7 Computer. Install a revised PCM unit ($200-400), which alters spark and fuel tables as well as raising the rev limiter. Aftermarket PCMs may not meet emissions requirements, and are not available for all models. Certain units may require a header or other upgrades as well.

8 Header. Install a header ($150-300). This improves engine breathing and reduces backpressure in the exhaust system.

9 Underdrive pulley. Replace the stock accessory pulley with an underdrive unit ($180).

10 Headwork. The SOHC responds particularly well to porting and polishing the cylinder head for better flow ($500-900), especially in conjunction with #6 and #9 above. The only reason that headwork comes in at #10 is due to the expense and inconvenience of having it done.
There are plenty of other items which can be modified on the SOHC to improve performance; however, most of them fall into the realm of "serious folks only". As mentioned above, this list is geared toward the do-it-yourselfer.

these are just some and not neccessarily the best order for you but heres where to start with alot of searching

08-15-2009, 03:09 PM

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