Aftermarket remote entry system issues

07-19-2009, 02:09 PM
Hello everyone, im new to these particular forums and have some questions about my entry system. I bought this 2005 gmc canyon truck used with 49,000km's on the tach. This truck oringally came with manual windows and door locks. Someone installed aftermarket entry system which has an alarm, remote start and unlock/lock doors. The remote start and alarm work fine, but the unlocking/locking doors wont. Chimes n lights all blink like they should when i press the buttons but nothing locks/unlocks wont flip over. Before if i manually pressed the door lock to the locked/unlocked postion both locks would engage or disengage. Not anymore. Theres a faint clicking sound at the relay when i press ethier door lock to locked or unlocked with or without the remote. Sounds like the relay is engaging but the actuators arent getting power maybe?

Baiscally wondering if anyone knows how this sytem works and if you've ever experienced an issue like this, and if so whats the fix?. I never got a manual or any instructions on how the system works since it was used truck and aftermarket installed. I did find a sticker on the truck engine compartment which said ( which i've used to locate a couple dealers of this equipment but there far away from me (over 40miles anyways). Calling them never seem to get through, i left a couple messages and emailed them aswell. It's a Sunday currently and maybe they don't work sat/sun.

Any ideas?

Thanks everyone.


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