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05-21-2009, 03:54 AM

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2009


JEDDAH RACEWAY: Hussein Al -Sharif headed Toyota Karting Championship 3rd round by finishing 1st . The second position was won by Yazan Hamadah. Moataz Jamal stayed in the 3rd position.

Hussein Al Sharif started the race in 1st position after a weather-shortened time trial session on Wednesday night. Dusty and sandy conditions improved as the start of the race neared.
Running at the front of the field with the threat of a penalty, Al Shareef maintained the virtual lead over Moataz Jamal and Maher Mouminah moving up to 1st place. Hassan Sharbatly and Abdullah Al Metary were down in 4th and 5th places and not able to close the gap on the leaders. Khaled Sharbatly eventually pulled out before 23 laps had been completed.
By lap 25, Husien Al Sharif lead had been completed with 00:13:30:29, as Yazan Hamadah clawed his way into the 2nd place with 00:13:37:26. Motaz Jamal completed the race 3rd with 00:13:37:37.

Both Khaled Sharbatly was robbed of potential podium finishes just three laps from the end. He was forced to stop with technical problems.
"It was a difficult race for me," said Hussein Al Sharif. "Several boats tried to jump the start and that meant both Yazan Hamadah and Moataz Jamal were running behind and trying to get back to the front of the field. It was not easy to overtake. Several boats ran out of fuel near the finish and I was delighted to be first." Al Sharif added

worth mention, the first and second rounds were successfully organized with a big number of competitors. Husin Al Shareef clinched first place in the first round while Maher Moumenah took the 1st place in the 2nd round after a marvelous challenge for 20 laps between him and Kriediah.

Majed Al Shahrani, from the general presidency of youth welfare office, congratulated the winners and expressed his satisfaction over the successful conclusion of the race. He also congratulated Abdullah Bakhashab for the successful organization of the competition and bringing the soul of F1 to the kingdom.

Abdullah Bakhashab, the organizer of the event, said that the karting races would give a big boots to the tourism sector in the kingdom. “The competition has put the country on the international map of sporting events” he said. He expressed his hope that international karting races also would be held in the country in the very near future.

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