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start of a project

05-07-2009, 10:20 PM
well i have started looking for a new car because i have come into some money and i want to spend about 10K. i am looking for a stock fast car that can be built to be even better later on after college. i want the car to be eather rwd or awd. i have done a little bit of research and this is what i found to be the best option for what i want.

4th gen camaro/firebird with an lt1- these cars have really good power to start and have alot of mods for later on. the looks are not that hot but that can be fixed later on

3000gt vr4- twin turbo v6 awd that sounds nice. the looks in my opion are really good but i hear that they are heavy. i have no idea if that is ture i am just saying. as far as mods go i think that it can be and has more power.

300zx tt- v6 twin turbo once again sounds nice. looks are ok i guess and i hear they can make good power if the right things are done to them.

mustang gt- i am talking about the 302 5.0L motor. they have ok power and looks well everyone has one. the motor is really a kit thing i mean there is not one thing that you cant do later on down the road.

miata- slow to start but if you turbo then maybe. this is a light car that can handle power and high boost from what i hear. they make a v8 converstion but that would big way later down the road.

these are the cars that i have found to easy to find for under 10k. now i know that everyone is going to think of things like supras, rx7, and wrx and things like that but lets face it try to find one for under 10k with semi low miles and a good body. i have tryed and it is not that easy. now this is my question which one would be the best choice? i am thinking the lt1 but at the same time the vr4 or 300zx would not be a bad pick eather. well lets hear what everyone has to say

05-23-2009, 12:31 AM
Well, it really depends on what you want to car to be able to do. I'll give you some advice for each on of these cars.

4th gen Camaro/Firebird with an LT1: They are really good, cheap power. They are respectably reliable. However, they're only really good in a straight line. If you like to take on the twisties I suggest you steer clear of any Camaro/Firebird.

3000GT/Stealth Twin Turbo: This might sound biaed simply because I own one but it's a great platform for the money. Just do your homework before you buy as these are reliable cars, if they've been taken care of. They are a bit on the heavy side at about 3,750 pound for the TT models. However, you have to consider it a DOHC V6, two turbos, two intercoolers, all wheel steering, all wheel drive, active exhaust, electronic suspension, and they have a pretty decent interior. It's very easy to lighten these things up. It wouldn't take much to get one down to about 3,300 pounds while keeping the AWD and AWS. The only real downside to these cars IMO is the fact that they aren't the easiest to work on under the hood because it's kind of cramped. As for making them faster, it's cake. Plus a healthy one will go from 0-60 in 4.8, the 1/4 mile in 13.8, and have a top speed of 160MPH. Get a little over 500HP to the wheels and the car is capable of a hair over 200MPH.

300ZX: Think of this like the 3000GT/Stealth but the only real difference is they are RWD.

Fox Body Mustang: Same deal with as with the Camaro/Firebird.

Miata: Like you said, this will never be able to be as fast as any of the others. However, the thing is like a go kart and can be a real blast to drive in the corners. Excellent choice for auto-x where power isn't as big of a deal.

If you want to drag race go with the Mustang or Camaro. If you want goo all rounder go with the 3000GT or 300ZX. If you want to auto-x and save on gas get the Miata.

Personally I would go with the 3000GT or 300ZX simply because I like the twisties, but I want to have decent straight line as well. Plus they're great to drive on a daily basis. Also, food for thought, the Dodge Stealth R/T TT is the same car as the 3000GT VR-4 but will cost a lot less. However, it will not have the active aero, but the Stealth spoiler produces more downforce and the AA is known to break.

05-24-2009, 10:14 AM
If your thinking of keeping the car and disposing it later on then I suggest you go for the Camaro or Mustang. Once you restore these you won't have any problems disposing them and buying another project car. The other cars you mentioned won't be easy to dispose and the value of those cars depreciates very fast. The Camaro or Mustang would definitely be a good investment.

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