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1972 AlfaRomeo Spider ?Ezone

05-02-2009, 10:37 PM
:2cents:How about some friendly advice from people with AlfaRomeo experience.

Long story, but not sad: I am a retired US Army surgeon from Viet Nam and I have the honor to take a handcaped modified Dodge 98 Caravan van to Seattle from Ohio to a former amputee patient of mine. I love to travel via the back roads meaning I hate the Interstate routes because they sterilize the country side and I tire of "truck buggy". I plan to drive to northern Michigan and then take route US2 all the way to Seattle. I would like to tow an old 1972 AR with the van so that I can drive back home to Ohio via southern Canada. I plan to pull the AR engine and rebuild it as well as redo the clutch, brakes, and what ever needs to be reone.

Question: What potential breakdown problems does this vehicle present from past expierence? I toyed with the idea of a motor cycle (donor cycle):2cents: back home but I would rather the low sleek 4 cyl with a top potential when the whether(sp?) requires it. Does it have sufficient power to do the Rockies justice? What about overheating at higher altitudes?

I realize that this seems wayout but I just love the though of a country drive with the top down and the view of the country side unobstructed.

Thanks..from dinkydau..you Namers know what that means..deedeemau for now.

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