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Code 43 (Misfire) and Ground problems

04-26-2009, 06:39 PM
Ok started my car and about 10 seconds later the check engine light started flashing. shut it off and checked codes got 12 (battery disconnected) 43(Misfire) and 55 (end of codes)

Also lately ive been having electrical problems such as turn signals not working on and off, cd player has bad ground.

Checked and cleaned the ground under the hood and now the turn signals and cd player work fine but i found a ground (next to passengers side shock tower) that leads to nothing (pictured below)

Could this ground be causing the problem?
there is also one that looks just like it in the passenger side wheel well that leads to nothing also.

04-27-2009, 03:12 PM
I dimly recall that the ground wire on the passenger side of the car, ran to one of the bolts that held the p.s. fluid reservoir, or one on the alternator brackets. So its a block-to-body ground I think. And yes, having the block be at the same ground potential as the negative side of the battery is probably necessary.
If there is another wire like that one on the driver's side of the car, see if it doesnt provide a 'ground' point for the PCM - which is mounted on the inner fender wall of the engine compartment, partly hidden under the outer fender.

Our 97 Neon SHC has the same code showing up. It also 'hiccups' now and then, most notably about the time you are on a long bridge or highway flyover -with-no-shoulder-at-all. It has been doing this for a year now, but it has stayed running so far. I say it 'hiccups', because its not like one cylinder is misfring - its more violent than that. It feels like all 4 cylinders dont fire. Its very brief, but everyone in the car notices it. My 5 year old grandson says the car is sneezing.

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