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Fuel pump problem

04-25-2009, 02:08 PM
I just replaced the notorious FSU on my 99 3.2cyl Passport. After I reconnected everything I turned the ignition to ON and checked the gage. It read dead empty and the fuel warning light came on. I started the truck just to see if it would change but nothing. I took the pump out again and checked all my connections. After cleaning off the contacts and reseating them, I put everything back together and turned the key to ON again. Now, the fuel light flashes and the pump won't come on (truck won't start). Did I burn out the old fuel pump?!

I've triple checked everything, swapped the fuel pump relay and checked the fuel pump fuse but still nothing. I see 12V on the connector to the pump when the ignition is on but definitely don't hear the pump priming. Any ideas?

I think I either burned out the pump or I broke something pressing so hard to get it resealed.

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