magazine comparo test # 2

02-04-2009, 01:19 PM
Motor Trend - March 2009 issue - another comparo test gone awry ! Article titled " Small , fast , fun " involving a new VW GTI , WRX STI , Mazdaspeed3 , and a Chevy Cobalt SS . Each vehicle had a little phrase beside its name . GTI - Check ! WRX - Of course ! Mazdaspeed - Naturally ! Chevy Cobalt - You sure you're supposed to be here ? Anyone see any bias in those remarks ? Obvious anti-GM and anti-American auto message there ? To make a long story short , the Cobalt outperformed all the other entries on performance and handling ! Yet in the end , it finished # 2 behind the GTI because of their opinion that the VW had a more refined interior ? The name of the article ( Small , Fast , Fun ) implied a performance test among the four cars but again the magazine ignored the numbers and chose the winner on their biased opinion on a part of the vehicle that have nothing to do with the implied intent of the test - performance ! Maybe they should go write for STYLE magazine . :loser:

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