Overboost problem

12-18-2008, 02:11 PM
I just bought a 2005 srt 4 so im kind of new to them when i got it a sensor was blown out of the upper intercooler hose causing it to only boost 10 pounds and i fixed that and i was getting 14 and it was running good but then the wastegate stopped opening on it and it was boosting like 22 pounds with a 28lb spike and it started revving up on its own after you get on it. Today i went and drove it to work and i got on it in second gear and it only boosted 10lbs and as soon as it got past 4k rpm it jumped to 20lbs and spun the tires i dont know what is wrong with it all the vaccum lines are hooked up and ziptied The blue line coming from the selenoid is capped off i dont know if that matters or not. Any info will be helpful thanks

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