73 Ghia no idle.

12-02-2008, 11:36 AM
1973 Ghia. Will not idle. Engine starts and runs for about 2 minutes until the choke opens. I have rebuilt the carb, finally bought a rebuilt. Dwell OK, timing OK, new plugs, new points, new plug wires, new fuel pump, vacuum lines checked and/or replaced, new intake manifold gaskets. It will run only at about 1500-1800 RPM. I am running out of ideas. Any ideas welcome."

12-14-2008, 08:39 PM
How is the cap and rotor? The dwell shoud be 44-50 degrees with new points. Check the voltage to the electromagnetic idle air valve.With the key on and engine off it should have 12 volts,if it does pull the wire off and see if it clicks.did the carb comes with a new one? If ok check the settings of the new carb. Mixture screw basic setting turn in all the way,then turn out 2 turns. Turn idle air screw [big one out as far as possible,if you can get it to hold rpm start turning it in slowly towards idle specs. if you can get down around 1000 check the timing again and work the idle speed and timing towards the correct specs. If the distributor has one hose to it you should be setting the timing with it off. With two hoses to it leave them on.Set idle to around 900[trans specific] and then if its running ok adjust mixture. You can adjust it by turning the screw in till it runs rough-then stop-turn it back out till it runs smooth and another 1/4 turn out.Good Luck!

12-15-2008, 12:04 PM
Finally traced the problem. The vacuum advance was leaking. Ended up being cheaper to replace the whole distributor with a 009 than get a new advance. That helped but did not fix it entirely because that created a new problem that the carb and distributor were not compatible. Ended up blocking off the hole in the throttle plate to create more vacuum per instructions at Aircooledtech.com and that did it.

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