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suspension noise over bumps... Please read

11-15-2008, 08:09 PM
I know many of the causes for front end suspension noise, and I'm in the process of fixing those items that might be causing it. On my Jetta IV (2000, GLS 2.0, 160k miles) I've already replaced the whole tie rod assembly. The inner was worn out and now the steering is much tighter, closer to what it was like new. I've also planned on replacing the ball joints too. They don't look worn or leaking but after about 80k+ miles, it's probably time. Today, I was ready to get this done, but noticed that the rear bushing on the control arm was torn. There was nothing leaking (is there grease in here?), but I know that it's possible to get a noise from a bad bushing too. My question is this, seeing I need to replace the ball joints, doesn't it just make sense to remove the additional 3 bolts it'll take to remove/replace the lower control arm? I'm in there already, right? Is there's anything I need to know/worry about when removing the lower control arm? The entire replacement, with bushings from autohausaz.com (IMHO, the BEST online parts place, period!) is under $60/side, or the rear bushing alone is something like $7.

I'm not going to deal with punching out the old bushing and pressing in a new one seeing I don't think I have the equipment. The $60 part is totally ready to go and done correctly. Though, I am curious how it COULD be done, for a future project maybe.... Ideas?

Thoughts on the project?


11-16-2008, 09:30 AM
replace both the lower control arms on both sides and also the ball joints. Try www.blackforrestindustries.com or
www.ecstining.com or

all good suppliers of parts

04-21-2009, 11:26 AM
There is no grease in or around the bushings in the lower control arms. Take a look at the sway bar bushings. Those tend to go bad. Along with the strut mounts and bearings. Just as a precaution.Jettas do have issues with control arms but not quite as often.

When replacing the control arms get new bolts for the arms and new nuts for the ball joints. It's pretty clear cut. It's much more painless to replace the control arms. You can get the bushings separate. It's a pain in the ass though to press them in.

Second, you can get the nuts and bolts from the dealer. Surprisingly the control arms are not that much from the dealer either.

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