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88 t-type rattle

11-13-2008, 05:56 PM
i drive a 1988 buick electra t-type. v6 3.8L. 151k

just recently my car has had this really loud rattle almost as if its a knock. it does it at idle but once i get on the gas it fades away. stranger it tends to die out a little bit when my heater is turned on full blast. my belt isn't loose but im able to turn the belt an pulleys( able to tun the power steering pulley a good half turn) then it seems to hit something an stop. people have told me it could be: power steering, harmonic balancer, rattling catalitic converter, torque converter. gas mileage, steering, and overall performance hasn't been affected by this.

this car is my only means for transportation and with out it im doomed. if any one knows what it could possibly be please let me know it would be deeply appreciated.

e-mail= g_phreek18@yahoo.com

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