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saab story

10-29-2008, 07:12 PM
hi. im working on a 97 900se conv. 2.0 t. had p0455. went through the basics i.e. gas cap,fuses (16b for main relay),pressure tested fuel system while watching tank pressure sensor with tech 2 & ccv out & plugged off. held pressure @ 3.6kpa for approx. 15min. no leak in system. actuated ccv several times with isat...intermittently no response from valve (clicking).checked continuity from trionic to valve on green wire (pin 28) & Green\red wire from main relay to valve. all seem to check out ok. actuate all circuits on green\red wire i.e. injectors,iac,d.i. cassette etc. 12v @ valve when actuated but no response 9 out of 10 times. startin to pull my hair out! boss losin patience. & ive rechecked everything over& over. talked with a saab tech i worked with back in the 90s...kinda floundering here. any input is greatly appreciated! thanks, Dan

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