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no compression in calibra

10-24-2008, 04:45 AM
I have just done the hydraulic lifters on my Holden (Opel) Calibra, put it back together and it started first kick. The timing was out a tooth on the exhaust cam though so I did it again.
Of course the inevitable happened and the belt slipped, I lost the timing completely and have now no compression. I tried the timing 180 degrees from where it was but still nothing. This process has been repeated several times.

The engine turns over too quickly indicating that I have lost compression.

The questions are:

Could I have bent a valve (or valves) by turning the engine over when the timing was out, usually no more than a tooth or two.?

Is it possible for the piston to contact a valve (or valves) by turning it over when the timing is out. Id this is so it would it bent the valves?

Any advice asap would be greatly appreciated.


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