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magazine comparo tests !

09-02-2008, 09:10 PM
I read an article recently , in a magazine , that compared the Nissan GTR with three other high performance cars . The GTR came in 3rd or 4th in every area tested . The only time that it came in 1st was in the testers preference test at the end. The scores of all the other tests were basically pushed aside and the obviously biased preference scores pushed the GTR into first place and it was declared the winner ! The magazine cover had in bold print how the GTR had beaten all the challengers . If you looked at all the sections of testing , you would realize what BS that was ! It won none of the actual performance tests yet was declared the winner ! The testers must own substantial amounts of Nissan stock . Something motivated them to declare the GTR as the winner and it wasn't the performance test:loser: numbers !

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