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Third row seats

08-07-2008, 05:10 PM
After a few days of googling, calling the police department and talking to different folks in the parts department of the Princeton Volvo dealership, I found out the specifics of the third row of seats.

Here are are the issues:

I have a 4 year old who is on the brink of outgrowing her car seat and we are expecting a second child. The grandparents travel with us frequently, and I am not willing to buy a minivan (minivans take up too much gas, they're really big, they're expensive and just not my thing). So putting the older kid in the third row would be ideal, but the problem was that the third row of seats seemed to be in this gray area of New Jersey highway safety regulations.

The local police told me to find out the following:
1. Can you put a car seat on the third row? If I could, then I could put both kids in the third row.
2. Does the third row have a five point harness system? If it does, then I could put the older kid in the back without issues.
3. If the third row does not have a five point harness system, and it offers only a three point harness, then can I put a booster seat on the third row? If I can put a booster seat with a three point harness system, then the older kid can sit in the back without issues.

So here's what Princeton Volvo told me after searching through documentation for about 20 minutes:

1. The third row cannot take a car seat.
2. The third row does not have five point harness system.
3. The third row has a three point harness system and it can take a booster cushion - this is not the same thing as a booster seat.

The kid's weight range for the booster in the third row is between 33 and 66 pounds, and the kid cannot exceed 47 inches in height.
The total weight capacity of the third row is somewhere around 170 pounds (don't quote me on this, because I can't remember the weight exactly).

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