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Which is which (ruf ->porsche)

08-02-2008, 06:39 AM
Hi All!

I have just one question actually.
I'm curently making a couple of mods for a game regarding ruf's.
They asked to convert the rufs to porsches (only visible eg. logo's etc)
and I don't know which ruf should be which porsche.
I did some research but it's so damn confusing for someone who's not into the whole porshc/ruf thing.

Could you guys help me out pls!? that be swell!

these are the cars:
Ruf RT12 - (996 gt2 or Carrera S??)
Ruf Spyder - Porsche Boxster S
Ruf RGT - (997 GT3?)
Ruf R Turbo - (996 Turbo S?)

Thanks in advanced!!

- Little_Ghost

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