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Possibly rebuilding Syclone/Typhoon

Elak R
07-28-2008, 09:36 AM
Goodmorning Sy/Ty owners! I want to first say, you all own one of my favorite "all time" vehicles. I was just getting my license when these fire breathing trucks came out, so I was not able to afford one.
I currently have a Volvo S60R turbo that I have been modifying. I need to stop chopping up this car:iceslolan and get a project car to start rebuilding. I was thinking either a Sy/Ty or a Buick GN. Frankly I cant think of a sexier vehicle to restore than a Sy or Ty........I saw a Typhoon on ebay that had high miles on it and needed serious body work.... this is the type of truck I have in mind. If I were to take on a project as such I would strip it down, refinish frame, pull the shell and have it restored and then rebuild the motor and probably put in high performance connecting rods, cam, bore cylinders, turbo etc..... End product being a very original looking Sy or Ty with more meat on its bones.
My question is this, when rebuilding that 4.3ltr turbo motor is it that special of a motor or is a lot of the same as the 4.3 Vortec SPI? In other words are the parts for this syclone motor that expensive and hard to get? Or is this stuff as common a small block chevy motor? I assume the body and chassis components are quite common to a basic jimmy...... Your input is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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