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97 dodge neon highline/custom/fasst--stumped mechanic--HELP!!!

07-21-2008, 01:23 AM
:popcorn:Ok, so here's the deal, i bought this really cool blue neon, i fell in love. around 100,000 miles, the oil pump seized, and the head gasket finally gave way. I spent the next 18 months and around $6,000 re-building this motor with my own two hands, for performance. i replaced everything, and i mean everything! i also rebuilt the entire chassis and multi-link with poly bushings. Also shaved around 600 pounds. anyway, yes, this is a highly custom vehicle. :evillol:

The problem: i was having a bit of fun:naughty: out on the empty "track", and lost the power to my ignition control at around 135mph in 5th gear, killing the engine, i coasted to a stop. since, i have replaced the computer(again), and all of the sensors(crank, cam, map, temp, oxy) and am at a loss. i'm getting fire on my number two and three cylinders at the same time, and nothing at all for one and four.all of my sensors are sending the right voltage signals, but the ASD and FP circuits wont fire up, i have to hotwire my power distribution center relays to get this far. i need to know what else i can do here. i got a very fast car, with a brand new racing motor, and it needs to be driven. somebody help me get back on the road!:confused:

Oldsmobile Doctor
07-21-2008, 10:32 AM
There is a 20 amp fuse that feeds both those relays. It is located in the same place as the relays. I hooked a fuse to each relay to determine which was blowing the fuse. Mine turned out to be the ASD feed. It feeds the computer, alternator, injectors, coil and both O2 sensor heaters. There also are two capacitors. The wire going to all this is dark green with an orange strip. On my 95 the connector for the down stream O2 sensor came off the alternator bracket and fell onto the axle. It wore the insulation of and shorted out intermediately usually while stopping. Also the coil fires on two cylinders at the same time one will be coming up on compression and the other exhaust. If it is the FP relay there is a problem with the fuel pump or the wiring going to it. Good luck I chased this for about a month.

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