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Running rough

07-18-2008, 10:05 AM
I have a 97, 960 that is running rough. I have tried a lot of things and this is what I have found out. I have 150# of compression., so that is good. What happens is if I undo the #2 or #3 cylinders the car does not change in the way it is running. I have spark all the way to the spark plugs. I switched out a fuel injector and that did not matter. I have unplugged a fuel injector connector on each one. They all caused a change except for #2 and 3. I am thinking something is stopping the fuel from being pumped into the injector or causing the injector itself not to work. Is there something that controls those two electronically at the injector?
I just donít get why those two cylinders are giving me trouble.

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